5 Gadgets To Bring Fun to Your Kitchen

Let's face it:  Kitchens are typically pretty busy places.

Whether we're cooking, cleaning, scrubbing, eating or having some lively conversation -- the kitchen can be similar to the Grand Central Station of the modern household.

As such, why not insert a little fun or levity with some fun products in order to counteract the sometimes overly "utilitarian" feeling that comes with one of the primary living spaces of our home?

Below are five unlikely kitchen product ideas that are sure to spark some lively discussion and create instant smiles in your home:

1. Building Blocks Mug

GET-YOUR-BUILD-ON with one of these awesome Building Blocks Mugs!  Joking

You'll be the talk (or gossip) of your officeclassroom or home with this amazingly cool and creative mug. 

Finally, a coffee mug and construction set all in one

Drinking your coffee or tea while building something straight from your childhood imagination is really a wonderful thing in the morning -- especially before a long, dull commute!  

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2. Catapulting Bottle Opening Gun

Looking for a quicker and more dramatic way to open your bottles?

This little kitchen sidearm easily opens your bottle for you and then allows you the unique option to actually shoot the cap into your direction of choice! 

Simply pull the slide back, open your bottle, and pull the trigger to fire that cap across the room. You'll never open your beer, soda, or anything capped normally again!  

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3. Mason Jar Reusable Snack Bags

Too many jars? Container overload? Is your kitchen filling up with containers which half the time you have forgotten what's in them?

With these awesome Mason Jar Reusable Snack Bags, you can keep your snacks neat & organized and looking over-the-top unique at the same time! 

This amazing food storage solution is operated by a Ziplock airtight mechanism that prolongs the freshness of a variety of snacks, fruits, veggies, crackers, cookies, and sandwiches, etc.  

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4. Original Magic Dishwashing Gloves

The Magic Dishwashing Gloves gloves feature built-in, dish-scrubbing brushes, right in the palms of your hands!

Unlike typical rubber gloves, which tend to be lower quality and can break and tear easily, these magic gloves are made to last.

These gloves are perfect for cleaning your kitchen, carpet, bath, car, even your pet! These soft, dishwashing gloves are made of high-quality and environmentally friendly, food-grade silicone and cleaning them is a snap.  

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5. LED Colorful Faucet Light

Want to create an enchanting vibe in your bathroom? 🚰

With this 7-color LED Faucet Light, enjoy watching the colorful waterfall in your bathroom sink which will light up when you turn on the tap!

This LED faucet is very easy to install and connects in minutes and fits on most taps. The light is activated by water pressure and turns off automatically with the water.
No batteries or wires required. No need to call a plumber.

Made from corrosion-resistant, durable material, it features a rust-resistant finish that prevents dirt from sticking to the faucet surface. Ideal for bathroom or kitchen.

Depending on the temperature of the water stream, the LED lights will illuminate different colors. It lets you create a fascinating atmosphere and enjoy a soothing experience.

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