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Guardian Angel Personal Safety Alarm


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Guardian Angel Wing Personal Safety Alarm

ūüĎČLet's face it. We've all been there or know somebody who has.¬†

You're in a dark alleyway, or on a street that isn't well-lit - or even just a place where you're alone and basically defenseless. It's never a good feeling.  

You feel alone, and you are alone.¬†ūüė®

The Best Personal Safety Alarm UniqueSimpleDotCom

What can you do to get help?

Mobile phones are useless in a personal attack (dialing is slow, impossible or meaningless) and yelling for help isn't always the answer, especially if you can't.

These¬†factors aren't an issue for the¬†Guardian Angel Personal Safety Alarm because the only thing¬†this safety alarm¬†knows how to do is scream non-stop, and it does this really loudly. 90db loud!¬†ūüė®

The Best Personal Safety Alarm

In case of attack or panic, separate the wings by pulling one wing from another, bringing all the attention to you and your situation. That's it!

The Guardian Angel's 90db piercing scream easily gets the attention of passers-by and scares off any would-be attackers. Nobody will want to remain on the scene for the ear-piercing scream of your trusty Guardian Angel Personal Safety Alarm, as the sound will completely shock and totally disorientate an intruder or assailant Personal Safety Alarm

Remember, it is the sound that emits from the device that shocks the attacker, making him stop and pull away in surprise.

We all know someone special who may need a little added security when going to school events, to sports practice, on a date, or anywhere where personal safety might come into question.

Guardian Angel Wing Personal Safety Alarm
The sad fact is, we never know where it may be needed and can only hope that it won't be. But you can rest assured that you will have the Guardian Angel Personal Safety Alarm at your side if that time should ever come.

Why it's great:

  • It's always on you:¬† either on your keys or in/on your bag.
  • It's LOUD. 90db loud. People will hear it.
  • It's easy to use. Separate the wings.
  • It keeps screaming, even if you can't.
  • It's discreet, attractive, and inconspicuous.
  • It's distinctive and unlike other personal safety alarms.¬†ūüĎľ
  • Available in blue or pink.
    Pick one up for yourself and anyone else you know who may need a little added protection in the uncertain times in which we find ourselves currently.
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    Monserrate Crooks

    Super loud, really. Like an alarm. I hope you never have to use it.

    General Shanahan

    Nice workmanship, with appearance no reminder alarm. Enough loud and obnoxious sound.

    Marta Stroman

    Guardian Angel Wing Safety Alarm

    Everette Beier

    Very good product

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