Bicycle Safety for Kids

A Changing Landscape

Gone are the days when the safest thing that one could ride on the road was his or her bicycle; considering the steeping number of cars, hazards and motorcycles in every lane of the city, pedestrians and bicycle riders of all ages are the most vulnerable when it comes to road safety.Bicycle Safety for Kids

Every day, there is at least one accident reported either on TV news or in a newspaper that describes how a victim inevitably fell prey to the clutches of danger due to the lack of enough safety gear or proper riding protocol.

And sadly, many of the incidents involve children and adolescents.

Dangers of bike riding without protective gear

Personal safety comes first and there can be no room for compromise when your children are out on the streets and the wide pool of traffic surrounding them.

Even if they are cautious enough while riding the bicycle, being able to predict the driving skills and thoughts of your fellow drivers is impossible and the dangers start swelling when they aren’t able to thoroughly spot bicycles in the darkness.

However, we can neither predict accidents nor prevent them from happening but, one thing that really falls under our duty as responsible citizens and drivers is to head out on the road only with protective gear. And when sporting this protective gear, make sure that it is thoroughly inspected for integrity.

We are saying this primarily because even if you, unfortunately, encounter a mishap on the road, one thing that will provide you with some peace of mind is the fact that those loved ones wearing good, protective gear will minimize or eliminate the impending injuries altogether.

Common sense measures would include things like wearing a helmet and wearing the appropriate clothes to protect if falls may happen.

Kids Wearing a Safety Helmet on a Bike

However, when selecting a helmet, be sure the helmet you pick has the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) sticker. This certifies the helmet is of sufficient quality to protect your child in case of a fall. It also helps to pick a fun, brightly colored helmet so your child is motivated to wear it.

Look at the surging rate of accidents around you and judge for yourself how if this is the configuration even after resorting to strapping precautions, then what could it be like if you there's no paraphernalia of protection guiding you whatsoever!

Importance of being visible on the road

Bicycles, in particular, aren't gifted with their own lights, thus, in order to be clearly seen on the road, one must implement certain clothes or mechanisms that enhance their visibility without disrupting their means of transport.

Studies have shown that bicycles are 37% less likely to be involved in an accident if there is a high-visibility or fluorescent reflector attached to you or the bicycle.

Like we have already mentioned in the above section, when you are riding, you are not the only one on the road, there's an entire crowd circumscribing you at all times.

Children especially, fail to recognize a vehicle on an ill-lit road and because they aren't very well-equipped with the traffic signs and signals, they end up crossing the road at the wrong time or through the wrong lane.

Moreover, the strong beams emitted by the larger automobiles can have a blinding effect on the cyclist, and to make certain that his lane is clear, he needs to be seen by other drivers and this can be done only through powerful bicycle reflectors.

What are Bicycle Reflectors?

After carefully analyzing all the credible perils of riding a bicycle at night without enough protective gear, we cannot help but get reminded of the saying, "prevention is better than cure".

The warning strip bicycle reflector is everything that you would ever need for your bicycle; apart from being stunningly good-looking and stylish, they will inarguably exceed your expectations.

These warning strip bicycle reflectors are designed to attach to the wheels of the bicycle and reflect light and are hands down the wisest way to safeguard against accidents at night.

With the glimmering streams of light being reflected from your bicycle, it will echo its presence on its own and let both motorists and pedestrians be aware of your presence to avoid collisions.

Don’t procrastinate the necessities and help your child or loved one stay safe on the road at all times.

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