How Can Personal Safety Devices Save Your Life?

A Pervasive Problem of Protection

Unfortunately, when you turn on the news channel or flip through the pages of a newspaper, out of the first few things that you come across, one or two segments/articles will inevitably come up with a report that describes the scene of an unforeseen crime committed against an individual.

Given the surging rate of crimes, stepping out of the house seems nothing less than a nightmare to the common public. Every year, millions of people from every corner of the world are rendered as victims of street crimes such as theft, sexual assault, burglary, and even murder and the worst part being, they are mostly attacked in a situation where they are either alone, or traveling through a deserted area.

Moreover, the sheer brutality with which these crimes are committed will not only send down chills through your body but, are downright horrific and baffling.  Even if the victims survive the crime, it takes them months or sometimes even years to overcome the trauma of the incident.

The functionality of a personal alarm

The fact that you can be attacked anywhere is enough to get you petrified - and to top off this horror, there’s the ambiguity of your phone as a security device.

Whenever you sense trouble and wish to reach your loved ones, your phone seems to be the last thing that can be of any help; also there’s always the uncertainty of whether or not the person you are calling will pick up the phone.

This is when the Guardian Angel Wing safety alarm comes into play- it drives away all the potential crises and ensures that you are at least reciprocated with help. 

Rather than investing your precious time in yelling or calling people, let this safety alarm assist you through the process because it shrieks without a break, and that too at 90db making certain that your cry for help is heard!

How does it work?

Whenever you sense something wrong around you, all you have to do is simply separate the alarm's wings from each other and your work is done, the rest of it is taken care of by the alarm itself.

There are two essential purposes that it serves; firstly, it grabs the attention of passersby and secondly, the attackers are scared off. It is crucial to realize that the noise emitted by the Guardian Angel Wing safety alarm shocks the attacker and compels him to pull away in surprise.

Reasons why you should get it:

Here are a few reasons to keep a Guardian Angel Wing safety alarm with you at all times:

  • It is incredibly handy- you can carry it around with you everywhere, be it in your bag or pocket.
  • With its high-pitched sound in action, people are bound to come and intervene in the scene.
  • It takes only a second to separate the wings and get the attention of the public around them.
  • It is subtle and attractive.
  • It is available in blue and pink.

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Final thoughts

The utilities of a safety device aren’t limited to being an additional tool that you must carry around with you; it is essentially an integral part of your lifestyle. Personal safety depends on one’s own self- even if your folks respond to your calls, by the time they reach the spot, it could be too late.

In emergency situations like these, one must make the most of the immediate components around - the first of which, is a safety alarm.

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