The Magic Named Ocarina

What are Ocarinas?

Ocarinas are often referred to as "vessel flutes" and have existed as the most appropriate substitutes of the traditional flute since ancient times.

The first instances of this musical instrument were curated from clay and designed in the shape of animals:

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With time, the models started developing from wood, stone, and even coconuts to ensure that the sound produced by them is invariably crisp, loud and clear.

Furthermore, the ocarina had a few special roles designated to its name; they were meant to please the gods, charm birds and mystically elevate people into a higher and unfathomable level of consciousness.

The awe-inspiring history

This unconventional clay flute first came into being in the year 1853 and was invented by an Italian teenager, Guiseppe Donati who fashioned a flute in the shape of a submarine and exhibited it to his friends; nonetheless, they suggested a further remodeling of the same.

Playing an Ocarina instrument

Presently, both the Italian ocarina and its English version are being treated with equal popularity; however, there is a slight distinction between these two varieties.

The English ocarina, unlike its counterpart, comes with a few holes and a subsequent fingering system to create tunes with distinct intensities.

Check out the video below for a fully detailed explanation on how to classify the various types of ocarinas:

Evolution of the ocarina

The ocarina is one of those instruments that seamlessly preserves the antique constituents and knits them across some modern characteristics to make way for a piece of ideal equipment.

If you are on the lookout for something that is sophisticated and at the same time comes with an unparalleled charm of its own, then the smoldering professional ocarina would be an ideal choice for you.

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You can either gift it to someone as a symbol of good luck or practice music techniques, articulations, speed development, rhythm, precision, note transitions or just various musical styles - in any situation, it will turn out to be the most favored companion of your recipient.

Another intriguing feature of the ocarina that we cannot miss out on lies in the fact that the mouthpiece projects from the body itself - much like a shell with four to twelve vents which are cut out on the surface, creating an even distribution of air and emission of the richest and most unblemished sound.

Playing the ocarina

Stand-out features

Like we have already mentioned in the above section, the ancients used clay to fabricate this instrument, but with changes over time, innovations have been rolled out with an aim to sharpen the resonance and endow it with a majestic appearance.

Currently, materials like plastic, wood, glass, metal and even bones are being capitalized upon.

Here are a few ocarina specifications for you to gain a deeper insight into the glorious ocarina and its heritage.

  • The ocarina can be universally used regardless of the operator’s experience and expertise with it.
  • If you are a music enthusiast, you will love exploring the versatilities accompanying this piece.
  • The eccentric and fashionable design of the ocarina qualifies it as a boon to your interior decorations.
  • The methodology of the instrument can be easily mastered even without any professional assistance.

So what are you waiting for?

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