Weighing in on Personal Safety Devices

Effectiveness of self-defense products

When out on the streets without any form of self-defense, it takes seconds for someone to capitalize on your vulnerability and take away everything you own.

With crime rates increasing by the day, we cannot simply rely upon the general public or bystanders to save us from the impending danger.  When it comes to saving yourself from the potential threats on the streets, there can be no room for compromise; also, there is hardly time to think about the appropriate recourse in the heat of things.Personal Safety Devices at UniqueSimple.com

The only way of retaliating during an attack would be either a guaranteed counter-attack or alarming everyone around you with a non-stop, high decibel noise emitted from a self-defense device.

In the following section, we will furnish you with two effective recourses that can be resorted to when you're placed face-to-face with unforeseen jeopardy.

First up:

The self-defense baseball bat flashlight

Have you seen these things?

Self-Defense Baseball Bat Flashlight

The best part about the Self-Defense Baseball Bat Flashlight lies in the fact that it will never run out of ammunition.

In most cases, victims have reported that even if they were carrying a piece of self-defense equipment with them, it either:

  1. Didn't appropriately operate during the prime time or
  2. Was identified by the intruder only to be thrown away

...leaving the former without any protection!

 However, with the baseball bat flashlight at play, there can be little possibility for the situation to turn against you. The bat measures about 12 cm and can be easily carried around in your car or backpack for times when you need it the most. 

The only rule that encapsulates danger is that it always comes unannounced; therefore, you will not have the time to outline a plan to act in a certain way and must have something at your disposal that would take care of the situation.

Baseball Bat Flashlight at Night

If you are an adventure lover, you will know what we are trying to imply here; this is basically a 2-in-1 object that serves as a security apparatus and provides illumination.

Additionally, the flashlight is battery-operated, meaning, you should always carry a set of extra batteries for the times you don't expect it to lose power.

A water-resistant and skid-proof design also makes it the ideal choice for late-night outdoor activities like hiking and camping.

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A safety alarm

Coming to the next item on our list is the Guardian Angel Personal Safety Alarm that is incredibly handy and easy to use. For all our readers who perceive their mobile phones as their supreme savior, let us inform you that it has been found that your calls go unanswered especially when you are in dire need of someone to respond.

To combat this probability, according to us, the most suitable solution would be to acquire one for yourself and your loved ones:

Guardian Angel Personal Safety Alarm.

This device comes in the form of two wings: a larger wing and a smaller detachable wing, and as soon as you separate the two wings, it starts screaming at 90dlb - making certain that your desperate calls for help are heard by anyone around!

Nobody can ever predict the nature of the crime or the location where it would take place and unlike us, attackers come prepared for every probable situation.

Consequently, in order to efficiently scare them off, you should have something that is unique and simple and will come up with unexpected actions to shock the criminal and compel him to back off, and fortunately, this safety alarm does exactly the same.

You can carry it around in your pocket or simply have it flowing down from your neck to keep you prepared for every challenge thrown at you by this felonious stratum of the society.

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