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USB Warming Gloves


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USB Warming Gloves

We've all been there. 🥶🧤

Freezing hands in winter affect your productivity and ability to do your daily work or chores in a reasonable timeframe.

Cold hands hurt, are slower, and can render you useless if typing fast is your thing or expectation. Using hands that are arthritic and affected by frigid temperatures can be even worse.

Available in 4 Designs:USB Hand Warming Gloves

Think about it:

👉How can you type reliably or use your hands in a meaningful way when you are shivering cold and frozen from performing your daily tasks?

👉How many times have you been working in an office space where the thermostat isn't adjusted to your perfect productivity temperature?

Our handwarmer does not only give you a warm and comfortable cloth to warm your hands. It also heats up to fight and combat the extremely cold temperature, allowing you to function and prevent your hands from freezing.

USB Hand-Warming Gloves via
USB Hand Warming Gloves


  • High-quality fabric and materials
  • Water-repellent and breathable fabric, powered by the lithium battery, warm & non-slip
  • Comes with heating and rechargeable feature.
  • Battery material: polymer lithium battery (small volume, safe and explosion-proof) 2 PCS 7.4V / 4000MAH lithium battery (single battery capacity 3.7V / 2000MAH, including batteries)
  • Warming time: about 3 hours of constant temperature warming
  • Size: (approx.) M: width: 11.5 cm/4.53 in ; length: 28.5 cm/11.22 in; middle finger to the wrist: 18 cm/7.09 in L: width: 12 cm/4.72 in ; length: 29.5 cm/11.61 in; middle finger to the wrist: 18-21 cm/7.09-8.27 in


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Customer Reviews

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Larry Marvin

Heating pads are just 5x7cm carbon film resistors (see photo) stuck to the inside of the glove with Velcro, so they can be removed for washing and substituted if broken. No heating on the fingers. I got 2 pairs, each glove draws 0.2~0.45A so some may heat up half as much as the others. Fingertips are free, so the gloves fit both long and short fingers! Also you can type a keyboard normally, and use the fingerprint reader and touchscreen on your cellphone. Use the warming pad on the back of your hand; if you use it at your palm it will crumple up and break. You can feel a warm pleasant glow from the pad, but it's not enough to heat up a cold hand or cold fingers. Overall a convenient glove to use indoors - for outdoor use I still prefer full leather gloves and a touchscreen pen. For seamless mobility I strongly advise to run the cables up your sleeves and carry powerbank on your pocket. Nice idea, worth trying for this price.

Yasmeen Howell

Really nice and very warm! Delivery was very fast to Portugal. Recommended! Thank you.

Mariana Friesen

Works flawlessly. AND are just like the description of seller. Advise.

Aaron Legros

Heating works the length of the wire a little more than a meter came into the hole still Moli I was not enough

Rebeka Gislason

Good product. Would pay more for a fully protected heat-pad inside cloth. A "pocket" on the inside glove for heat-pad would be a good solution to avoid exposure directly on skin.

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